Contract Manufacturing

Do you need something designed “from the ground up”? We offer a fully custom option, where we assign you to a team of qualified beauty product chemists that formulate a product specifically tailored to your needs, using high-end products and natural enhancements. We are eco-friendly and can produce the products and label them for sale and use in your spa.

Private Label Products

Your spa has its unique identity that your customers seek out and return to over and over again. They do this because they trust your name and they enjoy everything that comes with that name. You need a superior product to use with your customers that features that name. Use our products, designed and perfected over time, and put your name on them to sell and use in your spa.

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We have a line of pre-designed, pre-labeled products that feature a wide variety of beauty products, marketed toward the discerning customer that is looking for a truly luxurious spa experience. These products are pre-formulated, labeled and ready to use by both spa professionals and their customers. The Apotheque name is tried and true, featured in a variety of exotic spa facilities.

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Welcome to IBS!

Founded in 1986, Innovative Body Science (IBS) began with the unique idea that a hotel could unify its spa, retail outlets and room amenities with private label products. This concept has proven successful time and again as we continue to manufacture high quality spa treatment products for exceptional spas worldwide.  IBS formulas are used by many of the most renowned resorts and spas.