Citrus Infused (Orange Bliss) Treatment Special

This uplifting scent of orange & vanilla treatment combines the detoxifying properties of fresh orange essential oils and rich skin smoothers that help keep skin hydrated, soft and promote a healthy glow. Highlight your business potential today by offering your guests an uplifting citrus-infused spa experience with these energizing products. Offer your guests a citrus-infused…

Foot (Pedicure) Treatment Special

“May your feet take you where your heart wants to go!” What better way to treat your guest’s feet than to indulge in an instant foot spa experience. This foot inspired treatment is full of natural peppermint and essential oils that help relieve inflammation and leave your guest’s fatigued feet feeling pampered, rejuvenated and soft….


Massage (Spring) Treatment Special

Happy New Year! As one year ends, a new one begins. Promote deep relaxation as well as loosen tension and unwind for the new year with our two most popular formulated massage treatment products available. Offer your guests our products at your spa today! GET 20% OFF* when you mix & match 4 gallons from…


Spring (Green Tea) Treatment Special

Put a little spring back in your guest step with our refreshing green tea-inspired products. This Spring themed treatment is full of potent antioxidant properties of green tea extracts that will help calm, detoxify, and remove skin impurities. Skin is left feeling fresh, smooth and spring cleaned. Highlight your business potential today by offering your…


Romantic Treatment Special

The romance of Valentine is just around the corner, promote a romantic relaxing, stress-relieving day at your spa. This romantic themed treatment combines the rejuvenating properties of cocoa and natural oils. Amino acids, pearl, and coral powder work synergistically to promote the growth of new cells leaving your quests skin silky-soft and smooth. Highlight your…