Each employee at Innovative Body Science is committed to creating an environment that fosters integrity and a high level of ethics. We also like to do business with customers who place high importance on these practices.

Our values…


Pursue perfection
Pride in work


Proper attitude
Give importance to every customer
Courtesy and consideration

Team Player

Communicates intelligently and clearly
Support one another by sharing knowledge
Know duties and position

Professional Growth

Education and training
Help each individual achieve greatness
Encourage continued improvement


Respect towards team, customers, and vendors
Always be honest
Be positive and persevere


Have fun while being productive and efficient
Casual, informal atmosphere
Communication is positive and focused on improvement of service, products, and relationships


Compliance with Cal OSHA
Be aware of surroundings and report and rectify potential health and safety hazards
Follow SOP’s in order to assure compliance with GMP’s


Valuing simplicity will result in increased productivity, efficiency, and creativity
Formality and complication stifles the creative process
Know the shortest path from A to B is a straight line