Some business require state-of-the-art manufacturing services but do not possess the capital or real estate to start up a production facility.  The result is a limitation: you can’t grow your business without custom products and you can’t create custom products without growing your business.

The solution?  Outsource your manufacturing needs to us, an accredited, professional-grade production facility headed by a trained and certified chemical blending specialist.

This option is a savior for spas that require more than just the “norm” from their beauty products.  They demand a product that fits their needs and specifications to the letter and expect nothing but the best when purchasing those custom blends.

With Innovative Body Science, you get all those features in one customer-focused and friendly facility.

  • For example: liquid, cream, lotion, gel, scrub, stick, etc.
  • For Example: clear, translucent, opaque, white, color, pearlescent, glimmer, layers, etc.
  • For example: natural, synthetic, fragrance family, fragrance-free, unscented
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page to review your choices for packaging. If you are looking for something different than what we have, please choose "other" and describe your needs in the "other special requirements" field below.
  • What does the product do, why should a consumer use it, what results can they expect?
  • Is the product used in the usual way for a product of its type? Are there any unusual directions?
  • List specific benefits or declarations, are they cosmetic, cosmeceutical or drug claims? Will claims need pre-market testing? Will result be used in marketing proof statements?
  • Any similar products on the market? What do you like about them? What could be improved or avoided? Do we have/can we get a sample?
  • List any and all that apply.